1. The Shifting Landscape
  2. Industrial Ghost
  3. Lagoon
  4. Symbiosis
  5. Chasing the White Rabbit
  6. Capsule Hotel
  7. Accordian Shelter

  1. Currently at: Richard Meier & Partners Architects
  2. Shigeru Ban Architects
  3. ZBO Design Studio
    * The Great Wall, Reimagined
    * Tea Pavilions
    * Farm House

︎Food for Thought
  1. Pareidolia is the tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer.... 
  2. Graduating at a time of unprecedented circumstances, my work has embraced a paradigm shift to the virtual dimension... exploring the possibilities of augmented reality



T.4. The Curl

February 2019

The Curl is a dual artifact that focuses on the relationship between physical form and user experience. The project explores the intersection of furniture and space through designing a volume that caters to two particular and personal activities: reading with my legs up and studying in a folded posture. The Curl optimizes the quality of the two behaviors by securing the most comfortable angles and essential supports. The change in activities requires a rotating and flipping motion of the volume in order to accommodate different behaviors and use.

Flip Motion 

Position 1

Position 2

Interior Structure