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  5. Chasing the White Rabbit
  6. Capsule Hotel
  7. Accordian Shelter

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︎Food for Thought
  1. Pareidolia is the tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer.... 
  2. Graduating at a time of unprecedented circumstances, my work has embraced a paradigm shift to the virtual dimension... exploring the possibilities of augmented reality



A.6. Capsule Hotel

Fall 2018

Site: Providence, Rhode Island

Transforming the existing campus 3D Store and Furniture Department studios in the old Bank Building on College Street, the Capsule hotel aims to provide an immersive experience for families, friends and tourists who wish to visit Rhode Island School of Design and Providence City.
The first floor draws the attention of visitors inside with a reflecting pond in the center. The capsule rooms are located on the second and third floor with an atrium to provide light throughout the building since there is a lack of windows. The individual capsules are minimalistic in their structure and design to enhance the usability of the rooms.


Overall  & Capsule